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In Person Consultation

In Person Consultation

Step in to experience complete Healing!

In-person Consultation

HomeHomeo’s Holistic Homeopathy offers in-person consultations for those who prefer and need face-to-face consultations. Adequate time is allotted for each appointment to ensure that every individual walking in is heard fully.

In-person sessions at HomeHomeo’s Holistic Homeopathy involve a discussion with the Doctor on complaints, symptoms and medical reports. This is followed by a Physical Body Analysis questionnaire that helps the Doctor gather more data about the patient. Once this is done, the patient moves on to a Mind Analysis cubicle where pre-recorded questions are asked by the Doctor in an interactive session that allows the patient to open up freely.

How It Works

Discuss with the Doctor

A 40 minute discussion about your present complaints, past history, medical reports and more with our expert Doctor.

Tell us about your body

Fill a short questionnaire that helps us understand your body so we can help you better!

Your mind matters

Record video replies to Doctor’s questions in a private cubicle. The state of your mind dictates your healing plan!

Why choose us

HomeHomeo’s in-person consultation is an experience in itself. An in-depth discussion with the doctor is the first step to get to the root of the disease. This is followed by body and mind analysis sessions that leverage technology giving the patient room to freely open up about symptoms and issues. The result is a custom made treatment plan that aims to reverse diseases step by step.

Charges And Specifications

In-person Consultations

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