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Terms & Conditions of Service

  • This website is owned and managed by HomeHomeo. All references to the website shall be deemed to mean a reference to HomeHomeo and vice versa as the context may require.
  • HomeHomeo is the sole owner of all information and content provided on the website and any person accessing the website and/or availing services provided by HomeHomeo through the website shall be referred to as the user.
  • HomeHomeo shall have the right to assume that the set of facts furnished by the user is true and accurate.
  • HomeHomeo makes no express or implied warranties as to the correctness, integrity, or caliber of any counsel, prescription, or sale of medicine to the user.
  • Any information on the website is for informational purpose only and shall not in any way bind HomeHomeo.
  • The website might not be accessible or access might be suspended for any reason, including technical ones. HomeHomeo is not and will not be liable for any errors or emissions caused by the user’s inability to access the website on time or at all.
  • The website visitor guarantees and certifies to HomeHomeo that they have the legal right to view the page. The user is not a minor and is competent to agree and understand the Terms and Conditions of services, disclaimer and privacy policy.
  • The user expressly authorizes and permits HomeHomeo to contact him/her for promotions, feedback, and/or services that HomeHomeo may provide, at the contact number and/or email addresses provided from time to time.
  • The user has voluntarily chosen HomeHomeo Homeopathic medical treatment: The user acknowledges and understands the potential risks and benefits, as well as the expectation of health improvement over the course of treatment.
  • HomeHomeo reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to block or deny access to any person or circumstance without prior notice.


  • HomeHomeo makes no claims to be able to treat any condition that mainstream medicine regards as “incurable” based on scientific evidence.
  • The information on the website cannot replace immediate, individualized, professional medical care and diagnosis.
  • No medication mentioned in the posts should be used without the doctor’s approval.


  • It is not implied that testimonials represent usual outcomes. Results may vary from person to person.
  • The people mentioned received homeopathy therapy from HomeHomeo and the testimonials are true. These outcomes, however, should not be interpreted as normal or average outcomes because they are intended to be a demonstration of what homeopathy can do with specific illness conditions at its best.

Payment Terms

  • The user acknowledges and accepts that treatment at HomeHomeo will commence only after the payment is made.
  • HomeHomeo reserves the right to cancel the services provided to the user if they fail to make the payments.
  • The Consultation Charges for both Online and In-Person depends on the chronicity, severity of the condition, time, expertise, and the in-depth case taking process involved.
  • The charges include only Consultation, and Treatment charges have to be paid separately.
  • The charges are subject to change and no discount can be availed for the same.
  • Amount once paid is non-refundable as the consultation is commenced only with the complete approval of the patient.
  • Treatment Charges varies from person to person depending on the severity of the condition and the type of treatment recommended.
  • The treatment charges include medicine charges, knowledge and expertise charges for framing the right dosage, right strength and right choice of medicine with adequate follow up of each medicine during the course of treatment.
  • Doctor finalizes the treatment after a careful evaluation/ analysis of the case details collected during consultation.
  • The doctor will elucidate on the type of treatment chosen and will also furnish a rough estimate upon request.
  • After deciding on the treatment, the medicines are prepared and packed. Once the medicines are prepared the user is subject to complete the payment.
  • The results and improvement are subject to vary from person to person. 
  • The user is advised to follow the guidelines correctly to get the full benefit of the treatment.

Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation is accepted once the payment is made.
  • No cancellation is accepted unless it is informed a day prior to the appointment.
  • No cancellation is accepted if the medicines are prepared.

Refund policy

  • No refund is applicable if the service is already availed.
  • No refund is applicable once the order is confirmed for the kits.
  • No refund is applicable once the consultation starts.
  • No refund is applicable once the treatment starts.
  • No refund is applicable once the medicines are prepared.

Privacy Policy

  • HomeHomeo constantly strives to give our patients the best of professional services.
  • HomeHomeo is not liable or accountable for the results of the services provided or for any other incidental or consequential effects that are unrelated to the specific issues HomeHomeo is addressing.
  • HomeHomeo is not liable or accountable for any specific results or outcomes from the services provided and used by the user.
  • Even when the user follows the necessary instructions and cooperates with HomeHomeo throughout the process of using the services, HomeHomeo does not guarantee any specific time-frame or deadline for the result or end requested by the user.
  • HomeHomeo will not be held liable for the user’s other current circumstances and will not offer any guarantee about the consultation process, the results of the service delivery, or any product that is sent to the user.
  • All information including  personal information of the user (name, email, and address), test results and treatment recommendations made are kept strictly confidential at HomeHomeo.
  • Medicine preparation includes only the mixing of the procured medicines with the base ensuring proper absorption. The base and the medicines are highly effective and are procured from reliable sources.
  • Packing includes neat hygienic packagingin neat labeled and sealed containers.
  • Proper guidance and explanation is given to the user before handing over the medicines.
  • For online packing special care and packaging materials are used to ensure safe delivery. 
  • Third party delivery partner is used for the purpose of delivering the medicines and HomeHomeo does not take any responsibility for the shipping process.

HomeHomeo shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for : 

  • Delivery of Product(s) at wrong address furnished by user.
  • Any loss and/or damage to user due to incorrect, incomplete and/or false information furnished by user
  • Any deficiency in payment of consideration payable towards the Service / Products purchased on the Website.

Shipping charges are calculated by the service provider and is included in the bill submitted to the user.

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