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Handy Homeo Medicine Kits

Good health is just a box away

Good Health is just a box away! Acute ailments such as the sudden onset of fever, cough, viral infections, simple injuries and many more acute conditions do not warrant an immediate visit to the hospital. Simply treat yourself or your family with the help of “Handy Homeo Medicine Kits” – A must for every home.

The 24 X 7 – Safety Pal

Handy Homeo Medicine Kit

The Kit – A Necessity

Handy Homeo Medicine Kits have been carefully formulated by Dr Gayathri keeping in mind all age groups and genders, and also considering possible acute conditions and scenarios. She has developed 8 different sets of medicine kits to treat several ailments. The kits come with clear instructions with respect to the medicines and dosage for each type of health condition.

Portable and Handy

The Design

The medicines are packaged in sturdy, airtight, moisture-free, compact and easily portable boxes with a Quick Reference Guide and a Detailed Patient Instruction booklet. Each bottle in the kit is neatly labelled and packed. The Quick Reference Guide and Detailed Patient Instruction booklet help patients to pick the right medicine for specific health condition and also determine the dosage for all possible severe states of the acute conditions.

The Medicines

A Unique Preparation

Homehomeo follows a unique and stringent quality process for formulating medicines that result in high quality, effective medication. The key points in the manufacturing process are :

  • Medicines are prepared afresh for every patient every time.
  • The droplets of medicines are added to each bottle, and they are mixed thoroughly to ensure each pill carries the full medicinal properties.
  • The medicines are prepared, packed hygienically in pre-cleaned 2 Dram* bottles which should suffice for a year or two. However, this depends on the frequency of the consumption of the pills.
  • The white lactose pills are sourced from trusted global manufacturers.

8 Handy Homeo Medicine Kits

You Are The Healer – Pick One Or Pick All?

Homehomeo launches 8 introductory homeo medicine kits to address the most common acute conditions.

  • Travel Kit
  • Fever Kit
  • Pregnancy & New-Mom Kit
  • Paediatric Kit
  • Cold & Cough Kit
  • New Born Kit
  • Family Kit
  • Injuries Kit

Travel Kit

For 15 common acute conditions that could occur during travel

Fever Kit

For fever caused by 10 different conditions

Injuries Kit

For 15 common injuries that could occur for all age groups

Paediatric Kit

For 15 common acute conditions in children

Cold & Cough Kit

For Cold & Cough caused by 15 different conditions

New Born Kit

For 10 common acute conditions that could occur in an infant or a toddler

Family Kit

For 15 common acute conditions that can invariably affect any member of the family

Pregnancy & New-Mom Kit

For 15 common conditions during pregnancy and post-pregnancy phases

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