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Every individual responds to life’s innumerable situations in innumerable different ways and so are invariably prone to stress, strain and anxiety. An individual’s mental health comprises of his/her psychological, emotional and social wellbeing and it influences the manner in which he/she thinks feels and acts. Our mental state also determines the manner in which we make our choices, connect to others and handle stress. Being in a healthy state of mind is important in all stages of life starting from childhood, adolescence and through adulthood.

At Home Homeo’s Holistic Treatment Center, patients are encouraged to open up their deepest thoughts. After a discussion, the doctor analyses the root cause of the current mental state and then counsels him/ her to heal completely. Individualized constitutional treatment is provided after a thorough understanding of the patient’s personal character traits and childhood history and this enables the patient to regain control over his/her mind, regulate his/her emotions and rewire the brain activity, thereby emerging resilient. The center offers solutions to tackle Anger Issues, Fear and Phobias, Grief and Its Effects, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

What we treat - Mind, Emotions and Disabilities

Anger Issues

Fear and Phobias

Grief and Its Effects

Anxiety Disorder




Learning Disabilities

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