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Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy Health Conditions

Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy Health Conditions

During the three trimesters of approximately three months each of Pregnancy, women experience major changes both in their physical and emotional state. Prenatal care that includes nutritious food, regular physical examinations and exercises are extremely important during this period. Women in Postnatal period must also be given special care as it is a period of healing and adjusting for the new mothers.

Home Homeo’s Holistic Treatment Center through its Holistic Approach offers remedies for Nausea and vomiting- Pregnancy, Backache, Constipation, Piles, Leg Swelling, Sore Nipples, Mastitis/ Breast Engorgement, To Increase Milk Supply and To Dry up Breast Milk.

What we treat - Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy Health Conditions

Nausea and Vomitting - Pregnancy




Leg Swelling

Sore nipples

Mastitis / Breast engorgement

To dry up Breast Milk

To increase Milk Supply

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